Vox pop about hallcan and AAB canteen


University canteen has always been a hot issue among university life. It plays a significant role in adjusting students’ learning life. The lunch break, usually understood as the moment one escapes from classes, which makes the taste and environment really account. Moreover, to satisfy students from various countries, canteen may offer wholesome freshly cooked favorite dishes from around the world. Here in our vox pop, we interviewed Hong Kong Baptist University students from different places who all occupy their own taste. We heard what they thought about university canteens. More interestingly, when the large flow of students flood into canteens at lunch or dinner hour, we asked whether some students might feel embarrassed to eat alone. Right now, let’s hear what they say!



Lin ziyu

Wang zijun


Final project: Freestyler


On Thursday, 20 Nov. 2014, Hong Kong Baptist University’s year 4 Mainland student Sun Lei broadcasted a program for the online radio station he established, which named ‘No Such Radio’ as usual.

 He came up with the idea of having a radio station of his own in the mid of March 2013. After preparing for equipment and getting team members together, the first program came out on 1 Apr.

 ‘Just for fun.’ Sun explained why he established such a radio station, ‘we feel free to produce our programs as we are doing something we enjoy doing, not for other purposes.’ In fact, the radio station has already been famous among Mainland students in Hong Kong Baptist University, as it provides various viewpoints towards local news in a humorous way.

 ‘I strongly feel it necessary to report the fact.’ Sun and his teammates have reported significant events in Hong Kong, including Occupy Central, which underwent censorship when posted on a Mainland social website.

 ‘Once our program is censored, the radio station may be banned. So we just name it ‘No such station’. I don’t care much about the name, in fact.’ Sun explained.

 Chen Zhe, a core member of ‘No Such Radio’, regards Sun as a proactive person. ‘He has a lot of ideas and more importantly, he can always turn those ideas into reality.’

 Sun defines himself as a freestyler but emphasizes that it is his mind that being freestyle, not his actions to realize his ideas.

 Last summer, Sun grouped a tutor team providing tutorials for middle school students in his hometown. After having thought of organizing a tutor team, he used four days to find all the tutors, who were middle school graduates. ‘Again, it is just something I would like to do.’

 Sun ‘would like to’ have various attempts. He has participated in several societies in the university and enjoyed a lot. ‘He is a easy-going guy, kind of freestyle.’ said Hao Luyan, who knows Sun as they are both members of the university football team.

 For Sun, being freestyle does not mean taking nothing seriously. Rather, a freestyler tries his best to do everything he has interest in.

Source List

SUN Lei              Wechat Account: RaySun00

CHEN Zhe          Wechat Account: usher10

HAO Luyan         Wechat Account: haoluyan